In a perfect world you'd never be on this page, but the world of email is far from perfect.

 Sometimes we will have trouble reaching your email server. In that case we increment an error count. If we've had problems reaching your server you will see your sources and minders for that email server marked with a yellow Yield icon.

If this continues for 5 tries we will mark that source as unusable and the icon will change to a red stop sign.

At this point the Mail Minder server will stop trying to contact your mail server until you edit that source to reset.

This will also occur if your password is rejected by your email server, so you'll need to remember to change that password in the Mail Minder app when you change your password for that mail server.

NOTE: If you check your email and delete a message that would have been caught by Mail Minder in between it's polling times, obviously it won't be able to find that message and the minder won't fire. So, be sure you don't have a computer set up to automatically check your email and pull it down from the server. Once the email is on your home computer and deleted from the server Mail Minder can no longer find it.

If your sources and minders are in good working order they will be marked with a green check mark.