A source is a mailbox that you want to monitor. You may have several sources or just one. If you use the IMAP protocol (recommended) you may also have multiple folders. A source is one email address and one folder. If you don't have your email sorted into folders you'll only have one folder named INBOX.

Setting up a source requires knowing the following:

  • Username, this is the name you type into your email client to get your email
  • Password
  • Mail server (incoming)
  • Folder Name - INBOX by default
  • Use SSL - using an encrypted link is recommended
  • Port - Leave blank to use defaults


SSL is an encryption layer used by various servers, such as web servers, and mail servers. It is used to establish an encrypted communications channel between the client and the server.

If your mail server supports this you should use it. Otherwise your password will be transferred in clear text in the communication between our service and your mail server. Most modern mail servers support SSL.


The port number is a connection identifier that the mail server and the mail client agree on for establishing communication. There are standard port numbers used by most mail servers. If your IT guy hasn't given you a special port number (usually in the case of a corporate firewall requirement) then your mail server will be using the standard ports and you don't need to specify