A minder is an event you want to watch for and be alerted when it happens. Currently Mail Minder supports looking at email for certain matching criteria.


We can check the From field of your email for a particular email address, a partial match, or a domain match.

The domain match is useful when you want to watch for anyone from a company, i.e. a domain match for swcp.com will trigger on email from help@swcp.com, support@swcp.com, or jaic@swcp.com.

A partial email address can be used where you only know part of the email address or the person you're looking for has several email addresses that are similar, i.e. thomasdarcy@gmail.com thomasdarcy@swcp.com, and thomasdarcy@yahoo.com could be caught with a partial match on thomasdarcy'.


You can also match on the Subject field of the message. Valid match types for a subject are exact, and partial.